PMK / RMK Operating Guide

November 28, 2016

How to operate the magnetic snap on the PMK (and RMK)

To Attach: Simply place the hard delrin snap sections close to each other (the magnets will automatically guide the snap into place). The PMK/RMK will make a distinct clicking sound when engaged. It's recommended to also simply tap/squeeze the delrin pieces together after the magnets touch to ensure a complete connection.

Note: Ensure that the Keyring Bit is fully engaged and secure before moving on. When correctly engaged, the silver metal bar on the keyring bit should not be showing. It's always recommended to give the keyring a slight tug to check security.

To Detach: Lift up the delrin magnetic lever and pull back to release the keyring bit section from the snap section.


Fastening the RMK to your belt loop (right side)

We've been getting requests on the best way to attach the RMK on the right side, and so we've created a short video on our preferred method to holster the RMK.

Also in Mission Log

Attaching MOLLE / PALS / ALICE gear to the ARKTYPE Dashpack

June 03, 2018

At ARKTYPE, we designed the ARKTYPE Dashpack to fit most MOLLE/PALS gear, and also be compatible with the older generation ALICE gear as well. 

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Adjusting the Shoulder Harness on the Dashpack

April 02, 2018

The Dashpack is built with a unique, no-dangle shoulder harness design. The shoulder straps are free of loose hanging straps to maintain a clean, sleek look while being worn.

For some users, this is a new method to adjust the shoulder straps. This is a simple instructional guide on how to adjust the Dashpack's shoulder harness.

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Paracord Pull Cable Install Guide

October 19, 2017

This is a quick reference guide for tying the paracord pulls for the zipper pull cables, PMK pulls, and camera wrist strap pulls. All three use the same modified hitch knot method to install.

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ARKTYPE Dashpack Zipper Pull Install


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