ARKTYPE - About - SF Workshop

ARKTYPE is an everyday gear design and manufacturing company based in San Francisco. Our mission is to make quality everyday gear and accessories for the modern professional. We're always looking to find ways to streamline how we carry, travel, and go about our daily lives.

Our Story

Our team is passionate about travel, especially urban travel. We love exploring city landscapes all over the world, navigating new subway lines and roaming streets and alleys to search for sites unique to each destination.

Through the hustle, we found ourselves in the habit of packing lightly yet securely. Our gear became smaller as we began to forgo many extraneous items that were packed but never really used. Things we carried became multipurpose to save space and improve convenience, and solid construction became key to endure such versatile applications. This approach spilled over to home base, as our daily commute started to revolve around this concept. ARKTYPE is the result of this.

We embarked on a mission to develop functional and durable gear for whatever daily life throws our way. Whether you commute to work, are constantly traveling, or just appreciate sleek yet practical gear, we hope ARKTYPE can enhance the way you carry.

All of our products are designed and crafted in the USA.

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