Adjusting the Shoulder Harness on the Dashpack

April 02, 2018

The Dashpack is built with a unique, no-dangle shoulder harness design. The shoulder straps are free of loose hanging straps to maintain a clean, sleek look while being worn.

For some users, this is a new method to adjust the shoulder straps - the Dashpack utilizes Duraflex triglide buckles that, while stronger and more durable than conventional backpack buckles, adjust differently than the traditional setup.

This is a simple instructional guide on how to adjust the Dashpack's shoulder harness.

To Tighten Shoulder Harness:
1. Lift up bottom of triglide buckle to release the buckle grip from the webbing.
2. Simultaneously pull the triglide buckle up the webbing.
ARKTYPE Mission Log - Dashpack Shoulder Harness - Adjustment - Tighten
To Loosen Shoulder Harness:
Simply push down on the triglide buckle along the webbing.
Below is a video demonstration of how to adjust the shoulder harness.


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