Camera Strap Quick Reference Guide

June 14, 2016

This is a quick reference guide for the ARKTYPE camera wrist strap. Here we cover simple instructions from attaching the wrist strap to adjusting the total strap length for users with smaller wrist sizes.


 Replacing / Tying the Paracord Safety Pull

The paracord safety pull is attached to the camera strap via a modified hitch knot for added security. We recommend tying it in this fashion to prevent any unintended release.

Please refer to our Paracord Pull Install Guide for specific instructions on how to tie the paracord pull. The pull loops through both the fixed snap loop and O-ring during install.

Modified Hitch Knot - Camera Strap Operating Guide - Paracord Safety Pull Install


Attaching Wrist Strap to Camera

Attaching our Paracord Camera Strap to your camera is pretty straightforward. However, there are a few different ways to do so. 

Method #1: Split O-Ring

The first method is to simply use the included split O-ring. Simply thread the O-ring through your camera's lug.

ARKTYPE Camera Strap Quick Reference Guide - Split O-Ring

Reconnecting the O-Ring

Somethings during shipping the split O-ring may have loosened from the paracord strap. To reconnect, simply thread the paracord loop end through the O-ring, bring back the loop over the entire wrist strap, and once the loop clears the snap shackle, pull tight on the O-ring.

ARKTYPE Camera Strap Quick Reference Guide - Hitch Knot


Method #2: Paracord Hitch Knot

An alternative way to attach the camera strap is to directly tie the paracord strap to the camera lug without the O-ring using a hitch knot. 

ARKTYPE Camera Strap Quick Reference Guide - Hitch Knot Attachment

Attaching the connector through a smaller lug

Some camera models have smaller lugs that make it harder to thread the paracord through to connect the strap. Here's a tip that may help.

1. Use a thin string (such as sewing thread or dental floss)

2. Loop it around the paracord. 

3. Thread the ends of the thin string through the lug first.

4. Pull the string through, the smaller string will guide the paracord through the lug. You may need to give it a hard pull as some lugs may be quite small.


ARKTYPE Camera Strap Quick Reference Guide - Hitch Knot Attachment

Once the paracord is pulled through, you can complete the install with a hitch knot via the instructions above (Attachment #2).


Adjusting Total Length of Strap / Camera Strap Too Long?

If the camera strap is too long for users with smaller wrist sizes, you can always tie a knot using the loop end of the camera strap. This shortens the strap from 16" to approximately 14.5" and would fit smaller wrist circumferences better.

ARKTYPE Camera Strap Quick Reference Guide - Adjusting Total Length


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