RMK - Compact Magnetic Keychain - Charcoal

Additional RMK colors can be viewed here.

The RMK (Riflesnap Magnet Keychain) is our unique take on the modern snap hook keychain. Handwoven from Type III 550 Paracord in San Francisco, the RMK features a slim-profile magnetic clasp to allow quick access to your keys and/or work badge. Magnetic clasps are made from neodymium coated with hard Delrin®.

Simply lift up the magnetic lever to release when needed, and snap the keys back when done - all without having to unhook the entire keychain. The magnets automatically guide the pieces together and lock securely in place so you don't have to fish around for a connection or worry about them releasing unintentionally. 

Designed with a black-oxide HK snap hook used in military rifles, the RMK securely anchors to your belt loop or backpack clip. Hooks are stamped from stainless steel in the USA and laser engraved in California.

The RMK is perfectly sized to suspend outside your pocket, while long enough for a comfortable pocket tuck.

Have multiple setups? Extra Keyring Bit Sections can be purchased here.

Also check out our PMK for our larger, survival-oriented offering.

RMK/PMK Operating Guide

Dimensions: Total Length: 5-1/8" | Width: 1-1/8" | HK Snap Piece Length: 3-1/4" | Keyring Bit Section Length: 3"

Hand-braided in the USA.

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